A New Year – A New You

Why wait until midnight on the 31st December to make a change in yourlife. You are likely to be little merry and agree to a change you will not keep.

Instead, make that change now.

When was the last time you changed your workout plan? Using the same programme over and over will achieve the same results.

Is this the year you choose to start a family? Your exercise regime doesn’t need to stop, just be adapted to meet the changes to your body.

Do you want to lose that extra weight (baby or other) in time for the summer holiday you’re planning? Then start now and you have plenty of time to lose it sensibly rather than leaving it until 2 weeks before and embarking on an extreme diet & exercise regime that is just not maintainable.

Always wanted to enter a competition to test your fitness or give you a goal? Then now is the time to start planning your training for such an event to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning and perhaps raise some money for a worthy cause.

Do you need motivation to get up and out over the Christmas break and burn away those mince pies and extra glasses of bubbly? It’s always better to not gain that excess Xmas baggage in the first place than try and lose it in the New Year.

Is the Rugby or Football season starting to take its toll on your body? Then why not organise a nice relaxing sports massage to take the edge off.

Whatever your goal, start now with the help of New Fitness Solutions.

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