My clients don’t just long to fit back into their favourite pair of jeans or that little black dress, they wear them.

Are you fed up with not being able to lose weight and just don’t know where to begin.  Do you find yourself losing a few pounds then the motivation disappears.

I can help and how do I know? Because that’s exactly how all my clients felt when they started working with me.

I must warn you though, working with me is likely to cost you more than you think, as you will definitely want to go out and buy a new wardrobe by the time we have finished.

Call today so that I can get you on the road to a fitter healthier leaner you.

  • Maintaining or improving you current fitness level
  • Adding variety to your existing workout & developing your fitness knowledge
  • Tone & strengthen muscles incorporating resistance equipment
  • Maintaining your fitness level during or after pregnancy
  • Training for a specific event
  • Motivation to push yourself up to that next level of fitness
  • Boot camp style workouts incorporating sand bags, logs etc