What does team fitness coaching involve?

This involves activities designed specifically to improve the fitness of a sports team with the goal of enhancing overall performance in that sport.

Team fitness coaching may involve the following:

Sports-specific training drills: These mimic the fitness components and movements of the sport and take into account the fitness needs of the players. Several fitness components may be improved depending on the requirements of the sport. These can include speed, agility, strength, power, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Warm-ups and cool-downs are also designed to be specific to the sport.

Fitness assessments: A variety of fitness tests can be regularly performed to identify strengths and weaknesses of individuals and assist with goal setting. By monitoring the progress of each player it assesses the effectiveness of the training programme.

Goal setting (team and individual players): Goal setting is used to increase the motivation and record the achievement of the players. Both team goals and individual goals may be devised. These are monitored and updated regularly.

Programme prescription (team programmes): Team training programmes may be devised incorporating the above and are designed to improve the fitness components used within the sport. These are performed by the players during their own training sessions or during those with the coach and make-up part of the overall long-term training plan.

Athletes and coaches attending the sessions will also learn vital information on how to devise their own individual or team training sessions, perform assessments and set goals, which can be applied in the future.

Where does team fitness coaching take place?

This generally takes place at the usual training/playing venue of the team, but other venues can be used e.g. hiring a sports hall.

How frequently are the sessions performed?

Sessions are generally one or more sessions per week. These may take place pre-, during, or post-season. In general, at least 4-6 sessions are booked, but longer durations are recommended for better results.