New Fitness Identity

You have achieved your goal, but feel you still need a bit of a push and want to ensure your technique is still correct

Once Per Week for 4 Weeks

AED 1,250

Payable in advance


New Fitness Supremacy

You have achieved the initial results that you wanted, but don’t want to take a step back and have to wear the larger jeans you were originally wearing

2 Sessions Per week for 4 Weeks

AED 2,395

Payable in advance


New Fitness Ultimatum

This package has been very popular with clients who have initially worked with me on the new fitness solutions programmes, they felt fantastic when buying a whole new wardrobe and found that their technique and enthusiasm to train increased. Like the fact they have had to pay out for a new wardrobe, love the way they feel and love the compliments they receive.

This is the ultimate package; train with me 3 days a week, each session will be varied to offer maximum stimulus and results.

AED 3,495


All session are pre booked and you will have your own specific timings each day for the 4 weeks.


Grundlage für die gemeinsame arbeit ist die charta der vereinten nationen, die jedes beitrittsland unterzeichnen muss.